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AQMD Survey

Welcome to the Annual SCAQMD Survey

Welcome to the SCAQMD Survey for the year 2022.

Whether you work from home or commute to work, your response is needed!  Under legal requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District's (SCAQMD) Rule 2202, Transportation Services is administering an annual survey to all UCR employees, including student employees. The survey results will be submitted to the SCAQMD, in aggregate, as part of UCR's Employee Commute Reduction Plan (ECRP) reporting requirements.

The survey is short and gathers information on how employees traveled to work the week of Mon, Apr 18th 2022 - Fri, Apr 22nd 2022.  Those that work remotely must also complete the survey as telecommuting.  For your daily start time, enter the hours you would normally be scheduled to report to work.

The survey profiles the commuting habits of our employees to assist in structuring alternative transportation and emission reduction programs at UCR.
UCR is required to achieve a minimum 60% response rate, so every survey response is extremely important!

The survey is available for completion between Fri, Apr 22nd 2022 - Mon, May 16th 2022.

Thank you for your assistance!