University of California, Riverside

UCR Vanpool Program


The UCR Vanpool Program is an alternative form of transportation available to UC faculty and staff, and currently enrolled UC Riverside students. The goal of the program is to reduce the total number of single occupant vehicle trips made to campus by faculty, staff, and students. This goal supports California clean-air mandates, reduces campus and community congestion, and conserves and enhances campus resources.

Our Vanpool program matches groups of UCR commuters living within close proximity to our established departure sites and allows them to share the ride to and from the UCR campus. A Vanpool consists of a group of UCR commuters who ride together from designated departure sites to the UCR campus. A vanpool must have at least one certified driver and one certified alternate driver.

The purpose of this application is to provide you with the necessary resources to view vanpool routes and sign up and manage your vanpool participation.

To begin, please login via CAS here.